Reasons why you need a Head Shot

Why the right Head shot  for you  is important .

Everyone in business needs a headshot, you can use the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. By having both formal and informal images, you are best prepared for future press releases, company reports, profiles etc.

Time to take control of your image

Decide how you want to portray  yourself and your business. What do you want your image to say about you?   

As a leading recruitment boss said Appropriate dressing and grooming helps make a good impression It gives you confidence and a degree of calmness that will benefit you making the right impression.

You don't know who will be looking at your profile image so make the first impression  a good one!

Its your opportunity to take control of your  business image  and show the best side of yourself. Sending out the right   image message to the right people means: more contacts, the start of conversations  which in turn   means more  business opportunities.    

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Take time to invest in you and enjoy the process

Just book in a head shot session with variety of changes of clothes to reflect your different roles. Do it on a day where you are able to spend time on your appearance, wearing clothes that you fit well and you feel good in. Hair styled and finished in good time. We will have chatted before your head shot session. Together we will decide on what variety of images will work best for you.

A  chance to present yourself in a way that accurately  represents you and your business.

Remember your head shot can not only help to tell your business story but your dress and expression and location can show show very clearly what is unique about your abilities and beliefs.

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If you would like to   request a  Head  Shot  portrait session online  form here or ring  079 28602415 to discuss your requirements.

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