Detailed instructions of  how to find the studio  can be found here

Option 1

1 Outfit of your choice

An online gallery of 20-30 digital images for you to download

Allow 30 minutes


Option 2

2 Outfits of your choice An online gallery of 50-60 digital images for you to download

2 background colours

More variety with this package and double the portraits of option 1

2 Airbrushed images

Allow 1 hour


Option 3

Most Popular  Choice

Includes the option of a Hair and Makeup Artist

Includes 2 3/4 length poses

2 outfits of your choice

An online gallery of 60-90 images of digital images for you to download

2 background colours

You get more variety with this package

Head shots and 3/4 length images

Allow and an hour and half


Suitable for Linkedin head shots 

Start ups and Entrepreneurs

Suitable for Linkedin headshots Entrepreneurs

and Start up’s

Suitable for Linkedin Headshots

Entrepreneurs and Start-up’s

Company Directors

Authors, Bloggers Actors

Singer’s Performers and Creatives

What's included in our Packages?

Separate and Private changing facilities with somewhere to hang your clothes We also have kitchen facilities if you need a quick drink  or to use our toilet facilities.

Posing direction we will physically show you and gently guide you to ensure you look your very best. We have the patience and expertise dispensed with a dose of empathy and humour to enable you to relax and be yourself.

We can offer a variety of studio set ups and backdrops to suit very different needs from Corporate to Creative needs, all of which helps to add real variety to your portfolio

Your images are uploaded to your own gallery -you will be sent a link  -These are high resolution images and some will be square if requested, ready for Facebook and Twitter. These are yours to keep and come with a licence to use.

Free Air brushing is included in some packages . The bigger the package the more Air brushed images you will receive. The work is natural looking (You still look like yourself ) but you can expect clearer skin, brighter eyes, a slimmer face, less obvious wrinkles, healthy looking hair and naturally whitened teeth.

We have plenty of  free parking right outside the studio , just off the  main  A143.  Complimentary  drinks are available on request.

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