Baby Portrait Prepartion 3- 6 months

Baby comforts:

A soother if your baby has one Enough drink/Milk, Snacks or be prepared to feed a bit earlier if baby needs something to settle in a strange environment. An extra nappy or two Wet wipes, tissues and a few muslins You are the expert on your baby -the list taken from my experience in the studio photographing young babies and how to make it as comfortable and a relaxed experience for you all as possible.

Please bring with you:

  More clothes for Baby you think you will need!

Include vests and sock and bibs And an extra tops in the colours you like for yourself and your partner, include a spare bra suitable for all colours of tops - accidents and sometimes very big ones happen when you least expect them in my experience!

The perfect excuse to pamper yourself

Style you hair in a way that you like it. A Manicure or fresh nail vanish will allow you to like to images of those tiny fingers on yours. Wear clothes that you like and make you feel like you again and are not too tight or too loose.

Accessories and jewellery have sentimental value can add something really special to the images. Long sleeved tops or 3/4 sleeve in plain colours will enable your baby to stand out more in the images.

Clothing For Baby

layers , hats some light and dark outfits , A plain blanket and include one that Grandma knitted or a special family one. An outdoor coat or Jacket , Hats , Little shoes and booties

Little girls dressed in a very similar colour or style to Mummy can make a lovely portrait as can a little boy dressed like Daddy. 

Timing of the shoot

Generally Babies are better in the morning after a good nights sleep and / or a long nap and meal.

Please re-arrange a portrait session if you little one appears ill, or is teething.


   Favourite ones , Vintage ones, special gifts from loves ones.

2-3 Baby sized soft toys in plain colours look especially cute if Baby can sit unaided, Baby mats to sit on, Bath robes,

A large fluffy towel and special pyjamas or a quilt from the cot are sure to give some lovely memories in years to come.

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