Preparation for you Dog Portrait Session Dogs like young children can be unpredictable and excitable creatures to photograph. The following advice will help you prepare your dog for the portrait session so you are more likely to get the most out of it and we will be able to get the best possible pictures for you.

Remember to bring a treat or favourite toy. although we do have a selection of noises and treats to attract attention.

If your dog normally wears a harness please bring a collar as well. In a colour that you like on your dog or one that is not distracting. Your taste in how to like your dog to look will be the best guide.

If your dog is difficult to control Please ensure that you have a thin lead with you and have someone with you who knows you dog

Please be prepared to have some photographs taken with your dog if for any reason it is reluctant to leave your side. In that case, we will be able to take some lovely portraits of you with your dog.

Please ensure that your dog has been exercised beforehand to ensure that they are not too hyperactive when they arrive.

Treats are a useful way to gain or refocus attention. As are key phrases.

When you arrive at The Old Post Office, Please leave your dog in the car. whilst you ring the bell.

Please  read the detailed instructions here of  how to fin us

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