Let's  some Create images that will bring back all the excitement of  your amazing  Journey of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time filled with a sense of wonderment and awe on the job your body is doing.

Your  timeless maternity portraits will forever remind you of those feelings   of excitement and love that you feel for your unborn baby

The shoot will last  up to an  hour in the studio and is a rare chance for you and our bump to have a quiet time together

You will have precious photographs of the start of your journey into Motherhood, photographs that will be handed on to your grandchildren.

Timeless pregnancy images celebrating you and  your  beautiful Bump 

What to expect

With skillful  lighting and  backgrounds, you  will be delighted   when   you see your images,  which document   this amazing time in your families  life story   

By using your own favorite clothes to show off your Bump and /or by using the studio gowns your sense of style and character will show in the photographs.

This is a fun relaxed photo shoot that is all about your and your baby with all the anticipation of meeting each other for the first time. 

Maternity images are best photographed depending on your bump or bumps that you are expecting from 27 weeks onwards. Please do not book within 2 weeks of your due date in case Baby arrives early!

After  your session, you will have a price  and product price list and will have seen some samples, so  that you can  decide what you want to purchase before you come back to  your viewing

You will be invited to view your enhanced finished images at a private viewing at the studio where you can choose one image for social media to share. 

You can also select any other favorite images that you want to purchase.

If this sounds like the sort of session that you would like please fill in the form below and I  will be in touch and to start planning your maternity portrait session with you.   

  Complete the form to make a date in your diary!                                                                         

Each step in your life is a footprint left for those following behind. Capture your life, Preserve each moment, cherish your future and remember your past that is the true power of photographs.

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