Mini portrait experience - rose-conran

How your   parents  can earn some funds for the  benefit whole group.

I am a local independent photographer who has partnered up with  a national  professional  photography lab . The means  that I am able to offer each group 10% of all orders placed back to the group funds.

The online ordering system  is easy to use  I am also able to offer a wide range of  image display options .  

Useful to know before you book

I.  The mobile studio needs an area of 2.5 metres square. with easy access to 4electrical sockets. If you have the space; another room or area away from the children's meeting area is okay.

2. I'll need an hour to set up before the group arrives and an hour to pack away.

3. On the day if  the playgroup and/or toddler group  can appoint a person(s)  who are responsible for looking after the list of families interested in having their photographs taken,  and can bring each family to the studio area approxamately 5-7 minutes apart. 3+ children will need to use the whole of the 7 minutes. This should help to ensure that everyone gets the time that's right for their children to have good time and have fun, and without getting bored or worried by waiting.

4 .  I  would like to know how many families are interested and the ages and number of children in each family; This will allow me to best plan the session.

5.  Please make sure that parents understand  that they are responsible for their child(ren)'s safety during the photo session and that they must supervise their child at all times and that no food or drink are allowed in the studio area.

6.  If   parents would like a photo of older children who are  at school, with notice, it is usually possible for me to start work at 8.30 am. (again I would need access at 7.30 and the building to be warm for the children at 8.30)

You can book  a session all year round and it can coincide with any special celebrations or themes that you may have. Dates are subject to availability  so it  is best to book as soon as you can.

Create more personal memories

1.Choose an outfit that both you and your child loves. Sometimes those well worn favourites  will hold the most memories.

2.  Sports kits can look great -  you can use adult size props to hold.  i.e. cricket gloves, baseball helmet, cricket shin pads.

3.  Ballet clothes are ideal for those who love to move

4. Dressing up clothes are fun  and bright

5.  A  good opportunity to wear that bridesmaids outfit again

6.  you choose whether you want the classical bare feet look 

7.  If you're wanting the timeless look, colour and texture are preferable to patterns and logos with the exception of sports clothes

This  is all  about  you, your family, what  you like  and your lifestyle  - so   please feel free to add to the  list of ideas above.


Portrait Competition

All families that have had their photographs taken are invited to take part.

How it works.

1. The family  fills in a quick form with their contact details so that I can contact  them if they win.  ( These are never passed on  to third parties)

This is a wonderful opportunity for the the  winner  & runners up to have unique photo-shoot of their family either at home or on location.  I will be able to make sure that images are in the style that is liked by the family and can advise how to ensure everyone looks their best.  The print and frame will be printed and hand finished in the  UK.

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